Fridge Magnets by Larysa

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My name is Larisa. I am 58 years old and from Ukraine.
I have a university degree in biology. I also graduated from art and music schools. I worked in an aquarium complex as a fish specialist. The war for me began in 2014, when Russia occupied the eastern regions of Ukraine. I lost my job, left my house and moved to Kyiv. For a long time I tried to adapt to the new city. I couldn't find a job in my specialty. I started writing novels and selling them to publishers. Soon the war came to Kyiv. A massive evacuation of people from the city began and I left too. Now I live in the UK, in the beautiful city of Dawlish. I am in college taking an English course. I worked as a cleaner for three months. The doctor forbade me to do hard physical work for health reasons. Now I'm trying to find myself in the visual arts. I've been drawing all my life. It was my hobby. I love to draw nature and animals. My house remained in the occupied territories. I dream of buying a house in Ukraine and living in my apartment.

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